Ok, I work in radio, I'm pretty confident most people do not find that a dangerous occupation (except those that listen to me and almost fall asleep when they are driving). To me, the obvious ones are the jobs that men and women do that put their lives on the line every day. Police officers, firefighters, and our military. They face the danger of the unknown.

Are you curious how North Dakota ranks in the most dangerous states in the country list?

According to KX News," North Dakota is the most dangerous state to work in, according to a recent data survey. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there were 38 fatal work injuries in 2017". Number one huh? So what would you guess which jobs in North Dakota put us on top of that survey?

If you said working in the oil fields and agriculture you would be correct.

"Understanding what type of equipment, certifications, and training you’ll need before taking the job is a good step. Specifically, safety training" KX News added. I have zero experience in both of those jobs, but can definitely see the dangers.

About a year ago I came across THE MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN NORTH DAKOTA

We are nestled nicely in Mandan, on the strip. I'm sure you have seen our radio station - we have a HUGE 200-foot radio tower behind our building. About once a year or so, there are bulbs and sockets and such that need to be replaced - when that time comes, two men show up with nerves of steel. From Fargo, they came. With their climbing gear and whatever devices were needed to keep them attached to something very high. Midwest Steeplejacks Inc is a company that works in towers.

My knees were shaking just looking up

I talked with Robbie at the base of the tower, his partner was about a third of the way up the tower. I asked him if they ever got nervous while climbing, and he shrugged as if I asked him what his name was. There was not a hint of any fear, the steps that these two take,  are extremely methodical - they have to be. I have a tremendous fear of heights, ironically I have been on the roof of the Patterson Place Apartments before - 10th floor - and there was no way I could come within 10 feet of the edge of the building. Robbie told me the highest tower he worked on was 2,063 feet high. GULP. He also climbed down through a huge hail storm - no thanks.

As his partner slowly descended, I felt the ground with my feet, and I knew that these guys have at least the scariest jobs in North Dakota.

So whether you agree with me or not, to whoever has a dangerous job in North Dakota, just make sure you never take safety for granted.


Radio Tower Terror

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