Soldiers surprising their loved ones by returning home is an internet staple that's ratcheted up a degree or two in this tear-inducing video.

While 59-year-old Mary Glasure met with doctors at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in Steubenville, Ohio in advance of her first round of chemo in her battle with breast cancer, she got the surprise of her life when her son, a Marine based in Yuma, Ariz., burst on the scene, pretending to be a doctor.

Glasure's son, Corey Hoffmaster, had a mask over his face and said, "I have a lunch appointment I need to get to so let's hurry up." He then removes the mask, revealing himself to his overjoyed mother.

The two haven't seen each other in nearly two years, so this was certainly the perfect time for a reunion. "I needed my spirits boosted," Glasure said. "I needed him home because he's my strength. Being in the Marines, he's the matter-of-fact, you've-got-to-do-this type."

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