We’ve got a young Han Solo movie coming to theaters in a matter of months, there are persistent rumors that a young Obi-Wan prequel could materialize in the years ahead,  and we’ve already seen young Darth Vader as the subject of a trilogy of Star Wars prequels. So clearly this is a business model of Star Wars’: “Young ______.” Personally, I want to see Young Elan Sleazebaggano; how did he get than name? How did he react when he first heard it? So many questions. But I confess that is a bit of a long shot.

Instead it’s much more likely we could see a movie based on the life of a young Luke Skywalker. Granted, the character was already pretty young when he was played in the first Star Wars by Mark Hamill. But he could always be younger! Luke Skywalker as an awkward teenager dealing with puberty. Luke Skywalker, working on the moisture farm after school. Luke Skywalker, action newborn!

Okay so clearly Lucasfilm isn’t going to be inviting me to contribute to their story department any time soon. But who cares what I think? What does Mark Hamill have to say about all this? Who would he cast as the young him?

In the video above from Variety, Hamill addresses the popular choice among some internet circles, Sebastian Stan. He thinks he’s too handsome (he’s probably also too old to play “young” Luke). Instead, he would want to see a truly young Luke; he’d cast Jacob Tremblay in a movie that would make the kid just one thread in an ensemble storyline. Kind of like Robert Altman’s Nashville, but instead of set in Nashville, it all takes place on Tatooine.

This was entirely a very dumb joke as I wrote it. But now that I’ve written it, it ... kind of doesn’t sound awful? A low-key Star Wars movie set on a planet, showcasing some of the ordinary folks living on the fringes of interstellar war? That’s actually an interesting story. Maybe Lucasfilm should hire me!

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