One of the things I've noticed living here is that this town is so pet friendly. So, I'm curious on what the most common pet here is. 

After speaking with a number of people during the time I'm here, it seems to me that dogs are the most common pet followed by cats, and goats (yes, goats!). Other honorable mentions are piglets and parrots.

The question I have pertains to animals that are indoors so horses and cows are out    (Whatever, you're making big money with them anyway) and for some reason I had no takers for the smaller pets like hamsters and turtles.

I do remember that when I lived in Denver briefly, some girl I knew had Ferrets (which are very sneaky and stinky). So, I'm curious, what is the common pet here in Bismarck and is there a niche pet that I'm not aware of that  exists? Like a lizard or rabbit? Curious.

Also If you are looking for a Dog here's a place to find one called Miles Of Love.

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