After delivering the acceptance speech of the night (and inspiring everyone to frantically Google “inclusion rider”), Frances McDormand was tragically separated from her Best Actress Oscar when a man — because of course it was a man — had the nerve to steal it from her at the Governors Awards ball. Thankfully, the separation was brief, as McDormand and her little golden friend were reunited, at which point they enjoyed a post-Oscars trip to In-N-Out burger. Meanwhile, the suspect has been arrested for felony grand theft.

The whole thing went down last night at the annual Governors Awards ball, where McDormand was celebrating her win with husband (and filmmaker) Joel Coen. According to the New York Times’ Cara Buckley, McDormand “set [her Oscar] down and was chatting” when a man walked over and snatched the statue.

It was a short-lived tragedy, as one of the photographers for chef Wolfgang Puck (who catered the event) happened to take a picture of the thief:

The photographer rescued McDormand’s statue from the would-be kidnapper and returned it to the actress, who, according to USA Today, was “spotted crying emotionally outside the Governors Awards ball after giving up the search for the statuette on the premises.”

In response to the emotional reunion, a representative for McDormand said, “Fran and Oscar are happily reunited and are enjoying an In-N-Out burger together.” According to TMZ, the thief was identified and apprehended by authorities for felony grand theft because how dare he.

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