Her name is JayCee Cooper, an athlete from Minnesota

This story is pretty amazing, a person who chose to pursue their dreams, in life, in their role as a PERSON, and in sports. Here is some info from Twitter "JayCee Cooper was a men's competitive curler and rower, who 'transitioned' before 2019 and took up powerlifting. In 2019 Cooper became the USPA Minnesota Women's State Champion while setting the women's bench press record" Her choice to become a woman became a roadblock in competing, and JayCee chose to take action, rather than give up - that takes courage.

A complaint was filed back in 2019, challenging her rights as a person, and an athlete...

...and this is when JayCee Cooper stood her ground - according to foxnews.com   "Cooper filed a complaint in 2019 with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, alleging the organization violated the state's Human Rights Act by banning her and other trans athletes from competing in female competitions." - she wasn't done though, she followed that 2019 complaint with a lawsuit against USA Powerlifting in state court in 2021 - the bottom line was that she was "Fed up" with the way she was being treated, banned from competing in female events.

JayCee's hard-fought battle earns her a victory

JayCee scored a huge win and gives inspiration to others who may choose the same path she did - Washingtontimes.com reported back on March 2nd "A Minnesota judge has ordered USA Powerlifting to allow male-born athletes who identify as female to compete in the women’s category, a victory for the transgender movement and a defeat for advocates of single-sex sports" --JayCee Cooper is definitely a role model for all of us to respect.


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