Our own private world seems to be shrinking. When the coronavirus first exploded back in March, everything seemed to shut down. Businesses closed, we kept to ourselves, like it or not, we followed social distance outlines and such. For me, I didn't know anyone who had contacted the virus or had just experienced the whole tested positive-quarantine ordeal. Today's date is October 23, and I know personally of several people who came down with it. All I heard about the coronavirus was what strangers were saying, for some it hit them hard, other people just compared it to the flu.

When just recently I came face-to-face with a COVID-19 survivor, I asked a million questions - it helped me come to understand it more. That's why I think what Tim Knutson ( from Minot ) has done is extremely valuable. KXNET reports that Tim was on vacation with his family not long ago, his daughter became sick, which he in return became ill, then, of course, his wife followed suit. When she felt much better, Tim figured he would too, but he didn't. He tested for the virus on September 12th - and that's when is he started making a video-diary - “I’m almost 100 percent I have COVID. I’ve got all the symptoms. It’s been lingering on for like five days now,” 

Tim was admitted to Trinity Hospital 2 days later. He admits that he had no clue how dangerous the virus is, he said he was like others, where he just assumed it's just like the flu. He is 50 years old with no underlying health conditions. After spending just 2 days in the hospital his views about the virus completely changed. He has a message for those that question the seriousness of COVID-19 - “Don’t put it off too long. If you feel like you are maybe in that place of where you are sick because I waited way too long to get tested. I don't want anybody to get this"  He still says he has no taste or smell. For more on Tim and his story click here.




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