So there I was online checking to see when the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum was going to be opening up. Turns out it's Monday June 22nd. Make sure you pay it a visit sometime this summer- a lot has changed and it's FREE to check out. Plus, there's big dinosaur skeletons so kids "dig" it too.


There on the home page it mentioned that the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site was indeed already open.  I'm sorry- WHAT?!

Yup, the last remnants of the 321st Missile Wing with all the bells, whistles, buttons, doo-hickeys, and what-nots you would expect in a missile site (armed missile not included) IT'S AWESOME!

Fine...I know you want to- go ahead and see for yourself right here.

Tell me you clicked on that link.  If you didn't I'll give you another chance here.

Look at all that gadgetry!  And it's only two and a half hours out of Bismarck located by something called Cooperstown, ND. (while there, you may as well check out the Baseball Hall of Fame as well).

Did you watch the 2 minute video? No, go back and check it out...I'll wait.

There's a gift shop.  Ping Pong Tables!   A BLAST DOOR!  A locked red box that needs two keys to access the blast codes. Then you get to fire the missile at South Dakota! (not cool man- don't even say that kinda stuff)

But it's only ten bucks for adults and just three bucks for your screaming kids.

Obviously CDC restrictions and blah, blah, blah...still might want to call ahead to make sure I haven't already reserved the time you want to visit.

also, maybe steal Grandma from the nursing home.

Senior woman sulking
Paul Vasarhelyi

see ya there!

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