Just two days before Christmas yet another act of violence took place

It's a busy time of year no doubt, people are out and about trying to get their last-minute shopping taken care of - obviously they all flock to the mall, and in Minnesota, one of the no-brainer places to go to would be the Mall Of America. Unfortunately these days we have read so many counts of violence that take place almost anywhere, so when the sounds of gunshots fill the air, our first thoughts of random shootings come to mind, and that's exactly what took place last night.

In this case, a "physical altercation" occurred which lead to a teenager losing his life

With a mall at its busiest time, around 7:50 pm, an altercation took place between 5-9 individuals. According to cbsnews.com "...officers heard gunshots on the first floor of Nordstrom. There were 16 officers working in the mall at the time of the shooting" - Incredibly within minutes after videos started showing up on social media, showing shoppers scrambling for cover, running into stores seeking cover. That's our world these days, everyone seems to have a cell phone at the ready to capture video, even when they are in danger.

The lockdown took place right away

A 19-year-old man died last night and no arrests were made in connection to the shooting, and no motive has been released. This is the second time since August that shots were fired inside the mall. Several New York Giants ( in town to take on the Minnesota Vikings ) were also inside, cnn.com reported. Once again, as of late last night, there was no motive and no arrests were made, cbsnews.com added that Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges had this to say "This is just flat-out stupid... We are going to catch you [the suspects], we're going to lock you up."


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