This is what it's all about in life, as far as I'm concerned

The video you are about to watch captures everything I feel so strongly about, and it comes from a young man who is delivering a surprise from his heart, with great admiration. I believe in staying humble as much as possible, I also know that when success rolls around, it can change people - not so with Minnesota Vikings' star wide receiver Justin Jefferson. When anyone of celebrity status, whether it be in the entertainment field or a professional sports athlete participates in a program of recognizing our heroes in the military, it's such an emotional thing to see their true respect and actions.

Jefferson collaborated with USAA and Jewish War Veterans

I've watched this video a ton already and It still leaves me with a warm feeling of mutual happiness. According to "A military veteran got the surprise of a lifetime Wednesday thanks to Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Justin Jefferson. Jefferson collaborated with USAA and Jewish War Veterans to award Marine and Army veteran Bruce Legan and his brother with a free trip to the Super Bowl"  See the smile On Legan's face as he immediately recognizes his hero. and in return check out the glow that Jefferson has as he is saying "Thank you" to a man who risked his life and served his country. Here is the video:

I LOVE the last sentence: "Thank you for your service & your continued service to our veterans"    My personal feeling is the same - "Thank you to all the men and women who have worn a uniform in the past, and who wear one now"


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