Prepaid gas stations started in the 80s and studies show 80 percent of the country used the technology by 2002.

More gas stations in Bismarck are making you pay before you pump.

Some gas station representatives say the change was long overdue. While many customers agree, some just don't like it.  Especially if you don't have a credit card.

Even the small town of Lincoln, and it's one lone gas station has gone to pre-pay where I live.  Since I'm the type of person that usually likes to go inside and buy something, I prefer paying for gas inside.

Convenience store owners say one of the reasons we're seeing these changes is because of the amount of gas drive offs.

Police say they see at least one or two a shift.

I certainly understand that pre-pay at the pump for gas makes common sense, especially from a crime prevention stand point where you know it's to the benefit of the gas station to assure that they're getting their payment.

Officers say pumping without paying could put you behind bars on misdemeanor charges.


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