Has this week just dragged on for you? Looking forward to a long 3-day weekend? I'm right there with you. Usually, by Wednesday, some people are just "phoning it in", coming in to work for a couple of hours to check their e-mail and such. Some people carry around an extra clipboard (makes them look busy you see). We all have our minds on getting to Friday and having Monday off. Should North Dakota weather cooperate, people will flock to the lake, do some outdoor grilling, and enjoy the "Unofficial" start of summer - We all experienced a LONG disastrous COVID-19 last year, our ways of life are finally getting back to almost normal - time to get outside and enjoy life. BUT there is much more to this weekend that most people tend to forget.

Take some time to seriously think about one word - FREEDOM. Your choice to live your life any way you want. YOUR right to express yourself. Memorial Day Monday, May 31st is a day to REMEMBER and honor all the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. military. Those that sacrificed and drew their last breath so we could be free. Our freedom fighters are always on guard protecting us around the clock. I have many friends that have served our country in the past, and their thoughts are with each and every fallen hero. A personal message from myself to anyone who has worn a uniform in the past and who wears one now - Thank you for your service.  


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