When Warrant found fame with their 1989 hit single “Heaven,” it helped land them a support slot on Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood tour and had the young band members feeling good about themselves.

After road trips with fellow hopefuls D’Molls, then Britney Fox and finally Eddie Money, Warrant wanted to seize the moment to act like they were in the big time. But, as band members Joey Allen and Steven Sweet recalled in Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock’s new book Nothin’ but a Good Time, they picked the wrong time to act up.

His feeling proved to be prophetic – the headliners were famously engaged in an attempt to clean up their own act, so Warrant’s attempts to live out their rock-star dreams were unwelcome. “I remember one time we fucking trashed our dressing room in some city,” guitarist Allen said. “The next day, we walked into our dressing room and there was no catering, no beer; there was nothing. And Tommy Lee came to our room with a plate. And he had shit on it. And he goes, ‘Here, I heard you guys were hungry. Here you go!’”

The Crue drummer’s point was made. “I don’t know if they ended up paying the bill for us or if they got shit for it, but it was kind of  like, ‘Don’t do that,’” Allen recalled. “That’s funny shit, right? Because it could have been, ‘Look, we’re clipping 10 minutes off your set' or ‘You don’t get any lights or sound.’”

Whatever the reason behind Lee’s move, Sweet said, "Honestly, even though they were supposed to be sober, those guys in the Crue never stopped partying. I just think they stopped doing heroin.”


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