Are those mountains in the back round? Must be the University of Mary hill.

So if you and your crew are heading to the desert for the weekend, you best keep your head low as the North Dakota National Guard are performing military exercises that could knock it right off! To prevent this scenario, "the desert" will be closed to the public until 10 AM Tuesday, August 11.

Yep, it's once again time for the North Dakota National Guard's 957th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge) force to run, not UTVs, but maneuvers- all over the desert. So the public is not allowed because of their military awesomeness.  Plus the public keeps leaving their Old Milwaukee cans all over the place.  Sad really.

So after the Guard cleans up your nasty campsites, let the training begin!  What kind of training? NNNNNNATIONAL GUARD TRAINING!!*

For the press release click here.

In addition to land training in the area, more than 100 Soldiers will be conducting boating and bridging operations on the Missouri River. The Soldiers will use artillery simulators, colored smoke and smoke pots on river while training.

Did they say "smoke pots"?

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Because, I believe it's more like "smoke pots" at the desert.Or so a 'friend' told me.

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You're right now trying to tell if it's you in that picture aren't you?

OK, enough drugs at the desert stuff- that's gonna be shut down. But to everyone fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or pontooning down the river this weekend, there could be artillery simulated in your direction.  So keep them heads down.

*credit to Bill Murray in Stripes.

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