Sorry, but you missed out!

Thursday July 30th the North Dakota Department of Commerce put on a four part briefing to explain how to apply for an Economic Resiliency Grant (ERG). Did you see that it's A GRANT!  That my friend is money you don't pay back.

But, you missed the briefing, so I don't even know why we're discussing this...just seems cruel on my part.

Wait, I remember now...there's a link right here where you can access the briefing in it's entirety including application training.  If for some reason, the link doesn't work, you'll find it on the ND Response website.

So what's in the briefing? ND Response has this breakdown on their website-

The session included a general overview, including eligible businesses and expenses, application process, post-award responsibilities and a Q&A opportunity.

The ERG cash is coming from a different source than the Economic Injury Disaster Loans or the Paycheck Protection Program and let me say again- it is a grant.  You have to apply for it and I'm sure meet certain qualifications. But, if you do qualify- this could be just the thing your business needs to keep moving forward.

I haven't much thought about "grants" since my college days, where everyone wished their parents could start making less money,  so we could cash in on a Pell Grant. Looking back, what a terrible wish for my parents.  But, y'know-


Businesses know it's not free money at all.  This year, you've earned every last penny.

Hope you get some.

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