Fine, that picture is the Golden Gate Bridge...but Valley City does have a heckuva bridge

Valley City is known as the City of Bridges.  Valley City has a lot of bridges- but one has the distinction of ONCE having been the largest bridge of it's kind on earth. Take a peek for yourself- there a BUNCH of fantastic photos of Valley City's incredible Highline Bridge that you can see right here.

That is a monster of a bridge!  At it's peak, The Highline Bridge is 160 feet above the Sheyenne River.  It's ridiculously long as well, measuring in at 3,860 feet.  That's nearly three quarters of a mile!  Construction began in 1906 for the Northern Pacific Railroad to link the two coasts.  It was deemed so important, it was guarded by the military 24/7 during World War 2.

But that's just one of the many beautiful bridges you'll find in Valley City.  Before you go, be sure you download the "Valley City Historic Bridges Tour".  Make sure to bring the kids for a walk through railway history at the Rosebud Visitor Center.  The kids will be  in awe of the wheat and corn to be found in the North Dakota Agriculture Hall Of Fame.  If you wait til March, the kids will for sure want to come along for a visit to the North Dakota Winter Show.  It's the states oldest and longest running Ag Show.

Maybe I don't know your kids as well as you do...just leave them with Grandma and come see these bridges!   It's a quick day trip and you'll be sure to enjoy the scenery along I-94.


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