Everything seems so high-tech these days, and no I wasn't born in the late 1800s. There was a time not too long ago when if police were looking for a suspect, they may have had a previous mug shot or some sketch drawing to go by, off of an artist, relayed to them from the victim. Those days are long gone - according to valleynewslive, there is a company that has invented an app that has been described as a "groundbreaking tool" for criminal investigators.

Clearview ( the company ) says that with just a single photo the app can identify a suspect in seconds by linking them to public social media profiles and related images. Clearview built its facial recognition algorithm using billions of photos scraped from social media sites contributed by millions of unsuspecting users. There have been free trials offered up for police departments to try it out. West Fargo and Bismarck gave it a look, Devils Lake's department is on the list to try it. An agency near Minnesota - Stearns County - they weren't too impressed, said that they didn't receive much help with it and will probably stop using it soon.

As you can imagine, expect to hear more on this, Social Media will explore more into privacy issues being abused. Several states already have filed lawsuits against the company. The danger in my mind is that there will be those that say the innocent can be falsely accused through photos that may or may not be the right person. Only time will tell on this, that's for sure.


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