LOVE this time of year in North Dakota, the anticipation of an upcoming summer filled with NO SNOW and great music

This year is no exception, the schedule of amazing concerts/shows this summer in North Dakota runs deep. Prairie Knights Casino and Resort/4 Bears Casino/North Dakota State Fair/and Red River Valley Fair are just a few venues that are welcoming some terrific talent this year. Easy road trips for you to plan on.

With all the traditional fairs scheduled, it's hard not to get excited about the food, weather, and genres of music

A summer tradition like no other, whatever fair you decide to go to, they all pretty much have the same things in common - fried food, animals, and terrific music acts. The Red River Valley Fair is scheduled for July 8th through the 16th. - once again the beauty of these 9 days will be that it has something for almost every age - entertainment-wise. So once the RR is over with, is that it for summer concerts out there?

Go ahead and plan for August 15th...

...Butler Machinery Arena - at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. Check out what the Red River Valley Fair Facebook Page posted:

Buckcherry with special guest L.A. GUNS will be at Butler Machinery Arena at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds on August 15th! #PepperPresents


Red River Valley facebook
Red River Valley Facebook


Get yourself there for this! Keeping the summer rock show traditions alive!

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