There's more money now being made available for many North Dakota businesses. Businesses, that have been profoundly impacted by this pandemic year.  It's round two of the ERG! (Emergency Resiliency Grant).  This time, with attention to the hospitality industry, going back to the closure in mid-March 2020.  So if you operate a bar, restaurant, brewery, etc. you may be looking at another financial boost.

Because, it hasn't gotten a hell of a lot better.

In a razor-thin margin business.  It's a testament to all that are still keeping their crews cooking. It's not been easy to hang on to your staff, especially when your staff is your reputation.  The hospitality industry surely needs an immediate maintenance grant  as times don't appear to be getting better too awful soon.  Hopefully we can fudge that with this...

So if your business could qualify please look into that here.

So the ERG is good news to many of our local businesses and friends.  But what about the deadline extended for the COVID-19 PACE Recovery program?  WHA?!

mo money! mo money!

Those that have completed PACE forms in the past may very well say it's not free money.  There's plenty of paperwork filing to be done.  AAARRRGGHH!   Maybe it's easy.  I've never done it...BUT. if you want the program to...

Pay your interest expense accrued on eligible existing debt from April 1. 2020 through September 30, 2020.


That's what it says. Now there's "rankings" and what not, but it's a real thing that's also available to your business, if you're feeling stressed,

Stay well y'all.

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