It's Women's History Month!

What's the best way to honor and celebrate women? Declaring your love and admiration for them on Facebook? It certainly couldn't hurt, but... that's not really what we're looking for. It isn't a trick question, either. You can tell us how great we are all day long, but how about you show us? Plain and simply, put your money where your mouth is. Give. Us. Equal. Pay. -- Full stop.


The gender pay gap is alive and well, even now, in 2022. According to, women in North Dakota will earn $8,961 less than men this year.

Overall, North Dakota ranks pretty well.

North Dakota has one of the smallest pay gaps, coming in at #14 on's national list. Like me, you're probably wondering which state has the most significant pay gap. says it's... drumroll, please... Wyoming! On average, women living in Wyoming earn 35% less than men.

And the smallest? -- That's Washington DC. Women only make 8% less than men there.

Did you know?

There is not a single state in the US that pays women more than men. also reported that there are only five jobs where women earn more than men. Compliance officers, laboratory techs, pharmacists, graphic designers, and insurance claims processors.

To put it into perspective:

Just because it's "Not that bad" doesn't mean it's good. Women in North Dakota are earning 17% less than men working the same or similar jobs. The report explains that means women stop getting paid after November 1st. So, should we stop working after November 1st to prove a point?



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