I know everybody's kinda cranky these days, and that's understandable.  Even if something is blue, many will absolutely insist it's white. One example I noticed earlier this week, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum lowered the COVID threat level to yellow.  Restrictions will now be eased starting Friday January 8th, allowing more people into more venues.  In talking with people, they were literally giving the Governor the raspberry. That's where you stick your tongue out and blow (which is really not suggested in the age of corona).  People are still rolling their eyes that we're going from 50% capacity up to only 65% capacity.

It's surprising that in a dumpster fire of a year, there are those that are so quick to discount a step forward.  I've been reading and watching the national roll-out of vaccines across America.  In many states, I've seen 80 year old's camping out to keep their place in line to get vaccinated. I'm sure there's a valid point to make that they're maybe doing it wrong.

North Dakota has already administered 22,241 doses of the vaccine. That's two thirds of the first batch of vaccine that the state received.  There's more on the way, but we  can't grab all the cookies out of the oven at the same time.  It's a question of prioritizing whom should receive a dose and when.  KFYR-TV did a pretty spiffy write up on when and where those doses are going.  If you clicked, you saw it's old folks that are the first in line then it's medical staff etc.  I'm going to be on that list way below grocery store worker and gas station clerks...which makes sense. Even, if waiting does make me kinda cranky.

We're moving forward y'all!

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