There are many of y'all in the area that remember when Mandan was in mountain time so the bars were open an hour later than Bismarck. Can you imagine? Well that's soon to be the situation in Fargo/Moorhead...or Grand Forks/East Grand Forks and Crookston.


Bad news, as all North Dakota Counties go to orange.

orange sunset and asphalt road to horizon

So what does that mean?

KXNET reports it gonna look like this..

For example, restaurants and bars at the “high-risk” level are limited to 25 percent of their rated room capacities while social distancing.

Also, individual family groups or party sizes should be limited to one household or fewer than 10 people.

That's way smaller than Brenda's Thanksgiving family get togethers. So we decided to cancel beforehand...

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

So, all that being said in jest...We will be Face Timing Thanksgiving.

I believe, once again North Dakota, we are doomed to go where we cannot go.

Honestly, we'd have 20 people on Thanksgiving surrounding Brenda's 103 year old grandmother.  We won't be doing that this year, but statewide we may be chirping pretty loud about what's next.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz went Def-Con Wuss as he introduced a 10 PM Bar and Restaurant closure statewide!  Are you saying three hours after standard happy-hour time is done, you're shutting it down? It's like telling the kids for the third time you're trying to go to sleep.

It's not about restaurants, it's about bars.  But, because of food availability, many places that are primarily bars, qualify as restaurants. Right? Not right? So wrong?

Why lay blame?  But, I suspect the inevitable is coming soonish.

I HATE THIS ALL...Here's a flashback to March 19th, 2020

Gov. Doug Burgum today signed an executive order directing bars and restaurants to close to on-site patrons and issued additional guidance for K-12 schools to continue to educate students with alternative delivery methods beginning April 1 during the coronavirus (COVID-19) paendemic.

We seem to be slowly flipping the pages in chapter two (three?) of this killer virus.

Go to bars, wear a mask, keep your distance...might prolong a complete shutdown.

Do we all need to be so adverse to a potential vaccine coming faster then we thought? Our story about that is here

It's the light at the end of the tunnel, and it may be available soon.  We should all talk more about it. Y'know, in a nice way.


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