Drought-stricken North Dakota ranchers are getting assistance from a neighbor to the south.

NBC North Dakota News reports Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska has directed the Nebraska State Patrol to "temporarily waive certain requirements for trucks traveling in and through his state in support of efforts to aid North and South Dakota."

The Omaha World-Herald says, "The Governor’s Office said Thursday that an increased number of trucks carrying hay across Nebraska is expected, and waiving the restrictions will expedite assistance."

"Nebraska has a tradition of providing support to neighbors, who support Nebraska when faced with similar conditions," said Governor Ricketts. The waiver is effective until at least August 9.

The U.S. Drought Monitor shows Nebraska itself is dealing with dry conditions, though not to the extent that we are in North Dakota.[

Earlirer this week, Governor Burgum had issued an executive order waiving certain trucking restrictions in North Dakota for the duration of the emergency.







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