Shelter Belt in downtown Bismarck made a post earlier today, that the business will be closed until further notice. No word as to why the owners made the decision, but I'm sure it wasn't an easy one to make.

The restaurant had only been in operation for about one year, since last summer (2021).

Stephanie Miller, one of the owners of the Shelter Belt has quite a lot to be proud of, as she is also a co-owner of Bismarck's "Butterhorn" restaurant.

I went there (Butterhorn) once for a Valentine's Day date-night with my guy, and let me just say... the food was life changing. I went to the store the next day and tried to recreate their meatball sauce and failed epically. There are some things you just have to leave to the pros.

That said, it's no mystery why Miller was recently chosen to be a part of a televised cooking competition. Miller was on the Bravo TV show, "Top Chef." Cool, right?

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About Shelter Belt

The Shelter Belt honestly had a great look, vibe and menu. The atmosphere was great, prices were low, location was in downtown Bismarck.

I'm definitely sad to see it close, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not a goodbye and only a short pause.

I did reach out to the owners for more information, but they are not commenting at this time.

In any case, we applaud their hard work and admire them for pursuing their dreams. We hope to see the re-open their doors soon.

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