Which city may become a future waterpark destination in North Dakota?

Valley News Live reports that a survey has been sent out, asking people for their thoughts on the city getting a 30,000 square foot indoor/ outdoor waterpark! The report states that the survey was released this week and already has more than 4,000 responses in favor of a waterpark. But that is not all, the company that issued the survey is looking forward to creating a seven-building complex that features everything from garden sculptures to tubing and sledding.

More than 4,000 people have already taken a survey, voting in favor of a waterpark.

Anyone can take the survey - I did it, myself. If you would love to give your input on a new family fun attraction in North Dakota, you can take the survey, too! It takes less than five minutes.

One thing I was really excited about when I moved to Bismarck was that I could drive over to Mandan for waterpark thrill rides. When I first got here, I only knew about raging rivers, but I quickly learned that there are some other beautiful outdoor pools in the area.

You can go to the Hillside pool in Bismarck to find slides, a climbing wall, jets, and more. There is also a splash pad in Bismarck. Mandan has Raging Rivers and the Aquatic Center. Get pool details and information for Bismarck here and Mandan here.

Waterparks are great attractions for families, whether they are local or just in town for some weekend fun.

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