At yesterdays special meeting with the North Dakota Department of Health, another group of parents made their voice heard with a letter.  P.U.R.E, which stands for The People United for Responsible Education, also had a letter for members of the North Dakota Department of Health concerning a potential mask mandate at Bismarck Public Schools.

This group had a letter signed by 465 parents in Bismarck against a potential mask mandate.  This letter was dispersed to the city commissioners prior to yesterdays special North Dakota Department of Health meeting.

As you may recall, the meeting was assembled because another group of parents in favor of a mask mandate for Bismarck Public Schools were attempting to get the North Dakota Board of Health to make a ruling.  Their letter gave reasons why they feel the board of Health should rule in their favor.  Sighting a big uptick in COVID-19 cases, and more cases amongst our children.  The board eventually ruled against it, saying it was not in their jurisdiction.  Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken said, this is up to the school board.  This group of parents had already attempted to get the Bismarck School Board to make a ruling for a mask mandate, but were turned down.  So, I guess you could say they are back to square one.

P.U.R.E, The People United for Responsible Education believe you should leave the decision of having a child wear a mask up to the parents of the children attending Bismarck Public Schools.

Here's their letter they presented to the North Dakota Department of Health before yesterday's meeting.


Something tells me the coalition of parents who are asking for the mask mandate are not done yet.



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