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The mysterious death of a North Dakota man is the subject of a new podcast series.

The Fargo Forum is "publishing" a ten-episode series produced by podcaster James Wolner.

The Dakota Spotlight cast tells the story of Victor Newberry, a Glen Ullin man whose body was discovered in December of 2014.

Investigators ruled out foul play, but locals have long had their suspicions.

Fans of famous podcasts like Serial and S---town may want to check this one out.

The podcast series is available beginning today at the Forum website.

Host James Wolner has previously lived in California and Colorado as well as Sweden where he lived for over 20 years. An IT professional by day, Mr. Wolner says he is "as fascinated with mysteries and the unsolved as he is with storytelling and the human condition." (Forum)

“One day I just realized I’d heard enough bar-stool rumors about this incident and decided I’d find out what the truth really is," said Mr. Wolner. "I thought it would take me a week, but it turned into a 7-month journey."

[Source: Fargo Forum]

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