When one door closes another one opens. Though we've heard of various restaurants and stores closing throughout Bismarck, we've been hearing of new places opening all the time.

The Bismarck City Commission approved an alcohol license for a new establishment in downtown Bismarck last month?

Owned, by former Bismarck school board member, Emily Eckroth and her husband, Ryan Eckroth have decided to open a new wine bar in restaurant in the downtown area.


New Wine Bar and Restaurant

Look for "The Jousting Lemur" to be opening its doors soon.

You may have walked through the downtown area and saw the sign up on the window. If you're like me, it probably had you scratching your head, saying, "What's a jousting lemur."

Or rather, "Why a lemur?" and "Why is the lemur jousting?"


Where Is It?

The business sits in a prime location, right on Main Street. You might remember the location formerly being home to "Terra Nomad."

I wish I could tell you the story/concept behind the name of the new establishment, but after a few attempts, I haven't been able to get in contact with the owners.

This will give us now two wine bar options in downtown Bismarck, the other being Anima Cucina.

When Will It Open?

As of right now, I don't have an opening date, but peeking through the windows, you can see furniture and décor; it looks like things are coming together.

Keep checking back for more updates! TTFN.


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