The ND state fair was officially history as Nickelback left the stage the stage last night.  Here are some observations. 

Unofficially 13,000 fans watched the POP EVIL /Nickelback show last night which was more than Dierks Bentley a night earlier. Yes, 13,000 people came out to see Nickelback, who did not disappoint, playing all their great top 40 hits mostly sung back to them by the female crowd.

I don't ever think I've been to a rock show on the floor and felt safer. The police were on hand but outside of the random drunk pass out, there was no moshing, fighting or anything.

The drink situation was surprisingly easy as well. Drink lines were long but fast and it was pretty easy to go get a beer and get back to the show mid-song.

Even security was friendly.  All in all the event was professionally organized and enjoyed by all who attended. If you're a Nickelback fan, and never saw a show, definitely check them out next time they're in town, they play all their hits and totally engage the crowd.


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