Will the author every stop writing about over the top stories of animals rescues?

No,  I won't. There's just too darn many of them!  You can try to wish away cruelty in the world, or you can pull out your cash or roll up your sleeves and do something to help!

I've been fortunate in that my daughter worked at the Central Dakota Humane Society for quite a few years and that allowed me a more behind the scenes view of the scope of work that animal rescue organizations face every day.   Here's a picture of our 5 month old Daisy, Brenda and I just got her 4 weeks ago from Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue. Brody, our senior poodle still isn't afraid to steal Daisy's bone.


Daisy looks a lot like the dog on the cover photo...that's not her, but it sorta leads to my point.

Local animal rescues save animals from all over the country.

I was there when the Central Dakota Humane Society crew pulled up in their parking lot with a trailer filled with dozens of dogs displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  I've heard the amazing stories from Furry Friends of dog exchanges, where over one hundred dogs were turned over in just one event because their owners will not/can not take care of them.  These dogs are then distributed to rescue shelters and foster families throughout the region.  Quite fantastic really.

Let's take a short trip up north, where the Souris Valley Animal Shelter (SVAS) took it upon themselves to jump in and assist animals endangered because of weather events in the south.  KXNET reports this-

Thirty-five dogs traveled more than 1,000 miles to Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot to avoid being euthanized. These dogs came from a high-kill shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 15-hour trip started Wednesday and the dogs arrived Thursday morning.

Read the story, it's very uplifting!  LITERALLY GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE!

Can you imagine explaining to someone you work at that Tulsa shelter.

them: "It must be so much fun to work with animals at the shelter!"

you: "Well it's a high-kill shelter"

them: "ewww!"

So to have animal rescuers travel incredible distances to save this critters is about the greatest work you can do.  But if you already have a full time job...you can always donate, foster, adopt, or volunteer.

Good work y'all!


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