Here is another story of flat-out negligence. We wonder how this could possibly still happen, even with all the resources we have in Bismarck/Mandan, YET it still does

A post came out this afternoon on Facebook. On Central Dakota Humane Society's page, there was a poem and several pictures of nine beautiful puppies that were found on the side of a road, all huddled in the cold, in a cardboard box. After reading what was written, it's impossible not to feel upset, and question the individual or group that just dumped the animals into a random ditch.

Central Dakota Humane Society is heaven on earth

This place is a godsend, Central Dakota Humane Society provides care and support for stray, abandoned, neglected, and injured animals – from rescue through adoption. The good news is that all nine puppies are safe, unlike that horrendous nightmare back in October, when 8 young pups were murdered in Rolette county. here is the poem that they posted - such a classy way to let us all know that there are angels out there that will do the right thing when they see it. The poem also points out that unfortunately some people STILL think it's ok to abandon animals just like that, without feeling:

Nine in a box
Found in a ditch
Covered in fleas
That make them itch
At least their momma
Had fed them a lot
Rescued by an angel
Who was at the right spot
Praying they stay healthy
And grow big and strong
We already love them
We’ll help them along
In roughly two months
They’ll be ready to find
New loving homes
With humans so kind
No longer discarded
No longer alone
These pups were lucky
Rescued, adopted, grown, and flown

The nine puppies will be up for adoption in about two months

Right now the puppies are about 4-5 months old. Here is an address for more information on how to go about adoption

From animal lovers everywhere, thank you Central Dakota Humane Society!

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