Do you know what North Dakota needs? Another bank. And a new big-name financial institution just opened its first North Dakota branch.

Chase Bank just opened its first North Dakota location.

North Dakota's newest bank, Chase Bank, just opened in Fargo. Governor Doug Burgum excitedly told Fox Business's "Mornings with Maria" that business is booming in North Dakota and businesses like JP Morgan/ Chase Bank recognize that there is an opportunity. The governor said that the "reach and power of someone like JPMorgan Chase is fantastic."

There are already hundreds of banks in North Dakota

Banks are kind of a big deal in North Dakota for some reason. I mean, we are the only state to have our very own bank! The Bank of North Dakota has been around for over 100 years. Also, we reportedly have 504 banks and 49 of them are in Bismarck and Mandan, alone!

A new bank is cool, but could the governor have something to gain from Chase Bank's presence in North Dakota?

I will get the rabbit hole started, but you will have to dig deeper for yourself on this one... Should we question if there are ties between the new Chase Bank location and Governor Burgum? Many people know the governor is good friends with Bill Gates. And JP Morgan and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation team up for the Global Health Investment Fund which does "allow individual and institutional investors the opportunity to finance late-stage global health technologies that have the potential to save millions of lives in low-income countries."

What do you think about Chase Bank coming to Fargo?

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