You might not know it, but there are some pretty adorable bed and breakfasts scattered throughout North Dakota.

Not As Popular

Staying at a bed and breakfast is truly a unique experience. While I know Airbnbs are all the rage right now, and seem to be getting all the attention, I feel I have to shine a light on the first type of in-home staying/lodging.

It's About The Experience

There's something more attractive, quaint, and even picturesque about the traditional bed and breakfast experience.

It also gives you a very warm and "Grandma's house" feeling when you stay at these places and I absolutely love it.

A List Of North Dakota Bed And Breakfasts

I did a little digging and found some bed and breakfasts right here in North Dakota that you might want to stay at for a night or two. Here you go:

North Dakota Bed and Breakfasts

Here are some you might not have known about.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

There you have it! If you're looking for a quiet getaway, not too far from home, with a traditional feel, take your pick.


While putting this list of bed and breakfasts together, I was pretty surprised at how few there were in the state. There's only a handful that I could track down. My question to you: do we need more bed and breakfasts? Is it a dying industry?

I think, like everything does, these will be making a comeback. We love getting nostalgic. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading -- I hope this helps you find a quiet place to stay and relax.




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