First, we should all agree that at any time they choose someone can say f*** Joe Biden. As a crowd, you can gather at a F*** JOE BIDEN rally and chant it all you like.

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If you're unfamiliar with this recent trend, you're with me- I just heard about it and what I heard made me sad. Not because people would chant something like that about a standing president, but because I heard it was at a sporting event in front of a lot of kids. Sure kids hear a bunch of stuff from all kinds of places. Words shouldn't mean that's how adults are acting when those adults get roped into this kind of behavior. Please keep with me here...

Here's where I go sideways with a Billy Idol 'Mony Mony' example...

You probably have to be of a certain generation to have been there for the first chantings of "Get Laid Get F***ed". There are other sites that will back me up on that existing.  So starting in 1987 or so, bands started to perform Billy Idol's version of the Tommy James classic 'Mony Mony' with a little vocal break in the chorus where quickly trained bar patrons had learned to yell "Get Laid Get F***ed!".  Out on the dance floor, cigarette in one hand, quarter-beer in the other....wait a minute, that was me! For silly.

It's fun until you're chanting  "Get Laid Get F***ed" at a wedding filled with kids.

The point is...there is a nationwide "F*** Joe Biden" chanting craze sweeping the nation! It was the only news from this weekend's NY Jets game! 

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At a weekend NASCAR race (and not that one Bubba won).

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And here's the part that made me sad....the chant was heard at a public sporting event in North Dakota.  It was heard on a bus going to a concert in North Dakota. Nationally, they're saying it's being heard at College Football games across the country.

F*** Joe Biden is today's Get Laid Get F***ed.

Except at least that last Billy Idol bit of profanity can only currently be heard at wedding receptions.  Drunk bridesmaids are charming that way...

Sorry, you had to see and hear that kiddos...

Can we all just read the room and show a little respect?  Thanks!

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