Now that life is slowly returning back to normal, it was awesome to see so many excited people walking into the Bismarck Event Center to see Foreigner last Saturday night. Now that live concerts are coming back, so is the Fair! North Dakota State Fair scheduled to kick off next month in Minot - Lynyrd Skynyrd will be there on the 23rd, and one week later Billy Idol will get a chance to finally hit the stage (canceled last year). I'm pretty sure though the main attraction of all fairs held across the country is the food. A friend of mine in Minot takes her son there every year just because of all the wonderful things to eat.

    Minnesota State Fair is well aware of what most people want, and why they show up every year - so check this out - after a disastrous pandemic year, they are coming back strong reinforced with an unbelievable mouth-watering display of new foods. According to the StarTribune here are just a few tantalizing attractions (way better than the rides) that will be waiting just for you:

• Pizza Lucy: Sausage patty topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese, stuffed in homemade Green Mill pizza dough, and topped with Italian seasonings, cheese, and crumbled pepperoni.

• Jumbo Donut Sundae: A jumbo frosted yeast-raised doughnut available in a variety of flavors, topped with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, hot fudge, and blend of sprinkles


That's just an appetizer so to speak of what you and your stomach will find when you head to the 2021 Minnesota State Fair!


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