According to a press release from the North Dakota Game and Fish, the majority of people who hunt, fish, and boat in North Dakota are following the rules and regulations.  That would be the good news.

However, there are certain violations that continue to be broken year after year.

More on those in a moment.  Did you know that the state of North Dakota only has 30 field Game Wardens in the entire state?  Each one of them is responsible for roughly 2,000 square miles.  That leaves a lot of space for unlawful people to get away with things.

That's why the North Dakota Game and Fish depends on its law-abiding citizens to report all violations and poachers.  They recommend that you never confront a person committing a violation but instead call the Report All Poachers phone line at 701-328-9921.

All money collected from violations goes to the County Clerk of Courts and into the general school fund.

Here's a summary of 2022's biggest violations in each category.


#1 Hunting without a license.

#2 A gun holding more than 3 shells.

#3 Exceeding the limit.

#4 Failure to tag their game.


#1 Failure to follow the aquatic nuisance species fishing regulations (water in the livewell, not pulling plugs, etc).

#2 Exceeding the limit.

#3 Fishing without a license.


#1 Not enough life jackets on board the boat.

#2 Not having an aquatic nuisance species sticker for non-residents on their boats.

Speaking of boats.  You are reminded that this is the first year of the new cycle to register your boat.  Don't forget to get your sticker.

Photo courtesy of the North Dakota Game and Fish YouTube Channel. (Screenshot)

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