North Dakota boasts the largest income gap between black and white residents in the United States.

The information comes from data released by 24/7 Wall Street detailing the black and white inequality in each state.

The study was meant to look at the 'worst states' for black Americans by looking at factors including home ownership rates, incarceration rates and unemployment rates among the African Americans in each state.

When comparing the overall data, Wisconsin is the worst state in the US for black Americans.

North Dakota is No. 32 on the list.

Just 2 percent of North Dakota's population is black. Nearly 10% of that population owns their home. 2,241 African Americans per 100,000 people in North Dakota are incarcerated, the 8th lowest rate in the country. The unemployment rate amongst blacks was unavailable.

The most shocking statistic though was that white North Dakota households earn $38,545 more annually than black North Dakota households. That is the largest wage gap in the entire country.

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