JPay, the service used by most prisons to transfer money and other items to and from prisoners has created limited edition pink tablets for breast cancer awareness.

Inmates already have the ability to purchase clear colored tablets which give them access to music, games education, email and more.

However JPay just released pink tablets as well as pink cases that inmates can purchase if those in prison want to own items that support breast cancer awareness.

JPay says they will donate $10 to the American Cancer Society for ever pink tablet purchased and will donate $3 for every pink case that is purchased.

"Sadly, it's rare to meet someone who has not been affected by breast cancer, which is why we felt compelled to create the opportunity for inmates to participate in the fight against the disease," said Errol Feldman, CEO of JPay in a news release. "For inmates, the pink-colored tablet and cases are tangible representations of their passion for the cause, something they own and use every day, not just a simple receipt from a monetary donation.  It means something more."

The pink tablets and pink cases are only available at the moment to prisoners in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and one facility in Michigan.

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