It's always fun to ask outsiders what they think of when they think of Americans. Generally speaking, people seem to think it is religious gun owners who like to eat a lot and watch reality TV.

Using some of this criteria and more, Estately went looking for the states that contain the most 'stereotypical Americans.'

They based their findings on things such as the amount of residents who own a gun, the amount of buffets per capita, the amount of fast food restaurants per capita, miles driven per capita, among many others.

When crunching all the numbers, Estately found that North Dakota came in at No. 6 among states that contain 'stereotypical Americans.'

The categories where North Dakota ranked the highest were miles driven per capita (No. 2), money spent on retail shopping per capita (No. 1), and number of buffets per capita (No. 2). North Dakota also got a top 10 ranking for percentage of gun owners.

Missouri had the most stereotypical Americans while Rhode Island contained the least amount of stereotypical Americans.

Check out the full break down over at Estately.

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