Want to look youthful? You're in the right place.

The company Alen, which is a company dealing with air purification released their list of the best and worst states to be for youthful looking skin.

They based their results on air pollution numbers, lack of sleep data, and humidity to determine the best states to be if you want to look young.

Of course these are only certain factors and it does not mean that North Dakotans do indeed have the most youthful skin. It just means North Dakota has the best conditions for youthful skin.

According to Alen, North Dakota has the sixth cleanest air pollution in the nation but is number one when it comes to overall conditions for youthful looking skin.

Many cold weather states ranked well when it came to youthful looking skin.

Tennessee was the state ranked the worst in terms of youthful looking skin.

Another reason that North Dakotans may look young, and this is just a theory that I have personally, is that when we are born in North Dakota, the cold weather immediately freezes our young skin and preserves us in that state forever. I'm not a scientist though.


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