Goodness sakes y'all...Is this story gonna gonna go back to a  "blue" North Dakota? Could be. Well, why bring up ancient history you ask?  Because it's only been 11 years since North Dakota had two Democratic Senators and a Democratic member of the House of Representatives.

Yup, ten years ago, the Great State of North Dakota had all of our Washington DC representation registered as democrats.  All were voted in by the electorate of North Dakota and many were re-elected in hands-down landslide victories.

I'm going by the seat of my pants here and don't want to argue what a "landslide victory" is...but I don't remember Byron Dorgan, once he was elected, every really had to actually "run" for re-election to his seat.  He just beat some punching bag put up by the Republican party.  Much as Senator John Hoeven does to Democrats today.

Remember back when John was blue? From his wikipedia page-

Hoeven briefly identified himself as a member of the Democratic-NPL Party before becoming active in the Republican Party as a District Chair and volunteer.[16] Hoeven has walked a conservative line as a politician on some issues and a moderate one on others including increasing education funding, ethics reform, compensation for teachers, as well as increased funding on infrastructure.[17]

Stache' was one of the great North Dakota Governors. First Lady Mikey is a GENUINE treat.  I've met her twice she's really nice. Her husband, John Hoeven was, in my opinion, one helluva Governor, and is now a heckuva Senator.

So,'d have to go back to 1964 to see North Dakota supporting a Democrat presidential nominee in Lyndon Johnson.

So, 2021, ND State Government representation is so lopsided red you'd wonder why anyone would be convinced the "east coast" of Grand Forks and Fargo is so liberal?

People, 2021 Republicans hold sway in the state Senate 37-10. Bismarck's very own Erin Oban is the only Democrat Senator west of the New Rockford/Jamestown line. Check the Senators here

But there was a time- nationally we was pretty darn blue.

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