For five years in a row, North Dakota was ranked as the best run state by the website 24/7 Wall Street. The streak is now broken.

North Dakota's Eastern neighbors, Minnesota has overtaken North Dakota as the best run state in the nation based on factors such as unemployment, poverty, and other factors.

The website, 24/7 Wall Street has been ranking the best run states for a total of eight years and North Dakota finishing at the top of the list in a majority of those years.

But Minnesota was not the only state to jump ahead of North Dakota. In fact, North Dakota has fallen out of the top five and has fallen to number seven.

Generally unemployment rates and poverty rates remain among the lowest in the country in North Dakota but for a long time the effects of the state's oil boom kept the state on top of lists like this.

However now that we are several years removed from the peak of the oil boom, some of the fallout is finally catching up with North Dakota and hurting its economic ranking.

With the Trump administration's commitment to oil though, especially with the backing of the Dakota Access Pipeline, it's possible we could see another resurgence in North Dakota's oil industry.

Until then, North Dakota is going to have to live with not being No. 1 anymore. Remaining in the Top 10 is still something to be proud of however.

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