According to the Bismarck Tribune, A longtime weekly newspaper in Walhalla, North Dakota printed it's final edition of the Walhalla Mountaineer on February 26, 2020. The Walhalla Mountaineer was established in 1896 and many are sad to see it go. Rodney Huffman is the Editor/Publisher and has been with the paper for 55 years. He had the newspaper on the market for two months but was unsuccessful in finding a buyer.

The reason for the closure is declining subscriptions and sales. The newspaper had a small amount of local advertisers. He also chose to close the newspaper due to his own health issues and those of his only employee that has been with the company since 1972.

Walhalla is close to the Canadian border and has a population of about 950 people. Wahalla is one of the first towns founded in North Dakota dating back to 1845.

The Mayor of Walhalla Michael Belanus called the closure of the newpaper "a sad day for the city."

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