When it comes to the great people of North Dakota, apparently we drink a lot.

U.S. News and World Report released a list of the states that have the most alcohol consumption per capita and with our low population and large amount of beer drinkers, North Dakota was among the leaders.

North Dakota ranked 5th on the list with 3.25 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita.

That includes 1.57 gallons of beer per capita, .35 gallons of wine per capita, and 1.32 gallons of spirits per capita.

Stereotypically, some outsiders argue there's nothing to do in North Dakota besides drink. Let's see what Twitter thinks:

See? There's plenty of stuff to do in North Dakota besides drink! Nothing like sitting in a lawn chair staring into Canada watching NDSU football with hookers, beer, drugs, guns and a fishing pole.… and reading and studying during commercials of course.

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