North Dakota didn't make the top 10 in the healthiest states in the country according to America's Health Ranking from United Health Foundation, but ND did better than a majority of the nation.


AHR reviewed several areas to make the annual ranking which was based on 35 measures of behavior including health, quality of life, smoking and healthcare accommodations made available to the public. Plus, the survey examined cancer rates and deaths in every state and exercise and health facilities used by state residents.

You're doing good North Dakota. ND ranked # 18. You're impressive! Even with the cold winter months, you continue to stay active and exercise.

The worst or unhealthiest states are Louisiana and Mississippi. (but the food is so good in those Southern states.)

The Bay State of Massachusetts ranked #1 and overtook Hawaii for the top spot. Minnesota ranked #9, Montana ranked #22 and South Dakota is #24.

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