If you're a smoker in town, watch out.

The group/organization Tobacco-Free North Dakota is saying that tobacco leading health problems are the leading cause of death in North Dakota.

They are proposing to the interim health commission a $1.94 tax per pack of cigarettes.  There is also a proposal to tax electronic cigarettes as well which are currently not taxed in town here.

The proposed tax increase is a pretty big leap from the current 44-cent tax on those products, the fourth lowest in the country.Then again, any incentive to help you quit or at least think about quitting smoking should at least be listened to.

There is really no argument for this though. Tobacco products are harmful and lead to all kinds of health problems from the common cold to diseases like cancer and strokes. It isn't good that the government is trying to get you to quit, but in the long run, it could be better for you health. 

Here's a link to a site that would help you quit ... NDQUITS

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