2019 marks the 40th anniversary of “Twiggy, the Water Skiing Squirrel”! To celebrate this enormous achievement, Twiggy is testing the waters at the 7th annual Puklich Chevrolet North Dakota Sportsmans Expo this weekend at the Bismarck Event Center.
Now, before you question how a critter with an average outdoor lifespan of six years can be responsible for four decades of family fun- realize you’re being a wet blanket and let’s just roll with it.

CLICK HERE to see Twiggy in action!


In 1979, a very young Twiggy was orphaned by the devastation of Hurricane David in Florida- but this beleaguered squirrel would ski out of adversity and into America’s heart. Chuck and Lou Ann Best found Twiggy and took her into their home. When Chuck later bought a remote-controlled boat for his daughter, the legend of Twiggy was soon born.
Thanks to multiple television appearances and major roles in major movies like Anchorman and Dodgeball (at least major for a squirrel) Twiggy’s star power continues to shine.


This Friday and Saturday, don’t miss Twiggy together with Twig Jr. and Roxie the Lifeguard as they entertain and amaze at the Bismarck Event Center.

Show times are:
Friday - 4pm, 6pm
Saturday - 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm

Be sure to check out more information on Twiggy HERE

Click here for more information on the Puklich Chevrolet North Dakota Sportsmans Expo.

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