It's not a matter of if the zombie apocalypse will happen, it's a matter of when.

For all we know, this could happen on July 29. Regardless, we need to figure out if we're prepared.

Real estate blog Estately ranked each state in terms of their zombie apocalypse preparedness based on five factors:

  • Fewest people per square mile (source: 2014 U.S. Census)
    • Because of their population density, urban areas are zombie breeding grounds, whereas rural areas are far safer.
  • Gun owners per capita (source:
    • The most efficient way to stop a horde of zombies coming to eat your brains is with a gun.
  • Percentage who are cremated instead of buried (source: National Funeral Directors Association)
    • A corpse can’t rise from the grave to join an army of the undead if it’s been cremated. Thus, states with higher rates of cremations to burials will have fewer zombies.
  • Percentage of population that is physically active (source: The State of Obesity)
    • You can’t outrun a zombie horde if you’re stopping to catch your breath every 30 feet.
  • Interest in the zombie media genre (source: Google Trends)
    • Those with an interest in all things zombie-related will have more knowledge of how to defeat zombies, so states with populations that Google zombie movies and TV shows more than others probably have an abundance of zombie experts.

Based on these factors, North Dakota is a pretty safe state to be during a zombie apocalypse. North Dakota overall is the 11th safest state to be during the end of time.

North Dakota is No. 4 in terms of fewest people per square mile, No. 10 in gun owners per capita, No. 18 in terms of people who are physically active and No. 16 in terms of people interested in the zombie genre.

North Dakota's biggest weakness comes in the form of cremation. North Dakota ranked No. 41 in that category meaning we bury most of our loved ones.

It is likely one of the biggest points of contention in this year's presidential race will be should we have more guns or should we burn more people? Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness (ZAP) is a big issue.

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