In a post on Reddit, one rural North Dakota resident told his (or her) story of a 'creepy encounter,' but it may be the worst scary story ever.

The post was made July 27, 2017 in the morning in the subreddit called 'CreepyEncounters.'

The redditor begins the story by giving this bit of background information:

I live in the middle of North Dakota several miles west of a very small town (and by small, I mean very small, less than 1500 people). Now, North Dakota is typically a quiet state without many major disturbances.

That was just the start of a 1,205 word ramble that also mentions that this story took place in 2015. The redditor continues to talk about his house, his dogs and the fact that he sleeps in the basement of the family farm house.

After the redditor explains that he had been recently reading scary stories online, he gets into the 'meat' of the story expressing that he noticed a shadowy figure on top of a grassy hill.

The figure finally reached the top of the hill, which is our backyard. The only bit of light was from the moon, so it was hard to make out the figure. As far as I could tell, it was a man probably around 6ft (I don’ know for sure, I’m not very good at judging heights), with a bit of a beer-bellied type build. It was too dark for me to make out any distinguishing features (remember I am in the middle of a farm with very little lighting), but I could tell that he was holding something in his hand.

He wandered around our yard for a while not really doing anything in particular, that is, until he noticed my window. He began to wander in my direction, and that’s when I decided to cover my head with my blanket (this is my natural reaction when I want something to go away or leave me alone). I couldn’t take the fear anymore so I decided to just cover up and not move.

Eventually the story teller reveals he went to sleep and there were no consequences of this alleged encounter. The redditor says he told his dad what happened the next morning. They called the police who found a beer bottle in the back yard and a smudge mark up against the window where the redditor was sleeping.

The redditor then opines that the "man was drunk and came from the 4-H camp that was a couple of miles west of us."

All of that buildup just to say that a dunk guy wandered onto the property and then left. It was an awful story. One person commented on the post advising the individual who posted the story to simply buy some curtains for the window.

We agree. That was the worst scary story ever told. If you want to read all 1,205 words, here it is.

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