As you walk around your home, you may think about certain renovations you want to make.

Some people want to make upgrades to their kitchen, or living room, or bedroom. Empire Today analyzed Google Trends to come up with the most frequent searches in each state for room upgrades.

Across the country, the most popular room people seem to want to upgrade is their kitchen. However the search for living room upgrades and deck/patio areas were not too far behind.

In North Dakota though, people seem to be most interested in renovating the bathroom. And of course the bathroom is a very important room. Most of the items you make in your kitchen will ultimately end up in your bathroom.

Plus it's the room where most people start and end their day. If your bathroom sucks, it's not even worth getting out of bed. Only one other state's residents seemed most eager to upgrade the bathroom and that is California.

Good luck in your bathroom endeavors. We're counting on you.

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